Traffic Flow Analysis

A better way for analyzing and monitoring network traffic behavior and utilization


The Netka Network Management traffic monitoring system receives data from equipment, analyzes data flows, provides traffic analysis reporting and real-time monitoring of traffic flows.

Network congestion is a frequently occurring issue for administrators and end-users. It can result in long queues when accessing switches and routers, delays when new users are trying to access a network application, and even packet loss.

Without a detailed overview, network administrators have a difficult task in setting class of service parameters, which can negatively impact the network’s quality of service and make long-term network planning more difficult. For these reasons, many network vendors employ flow analyzers to help gain a more complete understanding of traffic flow.

The Netka Network Management Traffic Flow Analysis module is a carrier-grade flow collector that receives traffic data from network equipment, analyzes data flows, and provides reporting and real-time monitoring of traffic flows including detailed information about applications, source and destination IPs and AS groups, with time stamps for all events. The module features a wide range of reporting capabilities for analyzing information including TopN volumes, speed and utilization, and AS group-to-group, regional and country traffic.

The module also features functionality allowing administrators to configure incoming flow levels, with alerts and alarms occurring if the preset levels are exceeded. The module is able to utilize data produced by technologies and protocols including jFlow, sFlow, cFlow, Cisco’s NetFlow, and NBAR.

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