Our QoS management software helps you reserve and prioritize bandwidth to leverage your business services

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The Netka Network Management Quality of Service module helps you monitor real-time QoS parameters and allocate high bandwidth to applications that require maximum service quality.

A major challenge of today’s organizations is successfully managing communication data in their network. With a diversity of technologies today, the internet is no longer used just for e-mail networks and FTP. Now, there is a wide variety of applications that transport many different types of data through the network. For example, multimedia applications, which are increasingly popular today, can send interactive data, audio streams and video streams. Each application is unique in regards of data transmission, and thus requires different bandwidth and priority levels to ensure smooth transport, video-on-demand applications require wide bandwidth due to their high data volume, while video conference applications have delay-sensitive data and thus call for real-time service.

In general, networks that have not been configured to serve specific business purposes typically allocate capacity to all usages and applications equally. This can sometimes lead to traffic problems, as applications that are used less often take up bandwidth and cause other more frequently used applications to run less efficiently, thereby negatively affecting network performance and quality. Network configuration is a highly complicated technical process and often prone to human error, due to the fact that all equipment needs to be configured. Also, because each application has different needs, the network administrator is challenged with setting queue priorities, which can cause a negative impact throughout the network.

To meet this challenge, NetkaView Network Manager has developed an intelligent network management tool to help you to reserve and prioritize bandwidth for application usage. With the NNM – Quality of Service module, you can monitor real-time QoS parameters in order to analyze network quality for video and VoIP usage.

The NetkaView Network Manager QoS Module prioritizes network traffic by allocating high bandwidth to applications that require maximum service quality, while applications that are used less often receive lower priority. This allows for efficient traffic flow within the network and prevents glitches caused by bottlenecks and traffic overload.

The QoS Module offers a feature that helps administrators configure their network according to an organization’s unique quality of service policies and priorities, with the configuration taking place automatically and safely within a short timeframe. This eliminates the risks of error that occur when each piece of network equipment is configured separately. The module also determines which applications have priority over others during a specific time of day, and allocates capacity accordingly. This feature is particularly beneficial for those in the banking sector and service provider carriers with extensive networks in which service quality is crucial. For example, stock trading orders, if not given enough bandwidth, could take longer to process, resulting in the final purchase price differing from the cost at the time of ordering.

The QoS module also helps to organize network traffic by timing. For example, during trading hours, priority is given to stock trading orders, while other applications will only be allocated capacity after the trading day has ended.


Using the QoS module, you can:

  • Monitor quality of service parameters in real- time. NNM can also automatically discovery QoS policies and QoS class traffic rates, as well as offered and drop rate report monitoring.
  • Achieve efficient traffic flow usage by managing bandwidth levels that are suitable for each data type or application.
  • Classify and mark traffic flow, as well as provision QoS parameters together with policing to run now or scheduled provisioning deployment.


Key Features

  • Automatic QoS policy and class discovery
  • QoS class traffic rates by class report including offered and drop rates
  • CIR, bandwidth of ifspeed line reference
  • Multipage QoS class traffic rate real- time monitoring
  • QoS policy configuration provisioning

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