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“Data” is the key for business success because they help increase profit through efficient decision-making and facilitate services to customers. Stepping towards the Big Data Era in which a huge amount of data flows into the network, companies are forced to improve the efficiency of its network management system.

During the past year, around 2.5 Exabytes of data was created(1 Exabyte = 1 billion Gigabytes). The study “IDC Digital Universe” by the IDC indicated that the growth of data between 2010 and 2014 was as much as 7 times.

Mr. Chanchai Jiamchotepattanakul, the CTO of Netka System Co., Ltd. – the developer of network management system awarded the best prize in Tools and Infrastructure Application in the Asia Pacific ICT Alliance Awards 2011 (APICTA 2011) and many other prizes in the national competitions – said “Technological advancement results in a wide variety and tremendous amount of data flowing through the network, making it larger and more complex. Therefore, high efficiency software is required for the management of network.”

Recognizing this trend, Netka has developed a network management software that supports enterprises’ network administrators and executives. This software is compatible to many products and technologies, thus it can detect all the data movement within the network and prevent system damages, as well as create data processing report for executives and customers.

To meet the requirement of Big Data Era, the company recommends enterprises for its network management software, which assists network administrators through Application Network Analytic (ANA), Event Management, and Reporting application, which helps create executive summary in a dash-board form.

Application Network Analytic (ANA) is the application that helps analyze problems on system speed caused by massive flows of data through the network. ANA can analyze the network’s traffic and identify the cause of dropping speed, i.e. whether the problem is rooted from the network itself, other systems, application, or certain IP address or user. Consequently, administrators can solve the problems correctly. This advantage results from Netka’s further development of Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) to make it possible to identify the source and the criticality of the problems. The criticality is reported in color spectrum, allowing administrators and executives to prioritize the problems faster. Moreover, the report can be shown either on real-time basis or as recorded data.

Besides the ANA, Event Management is another important tool for managing network in the Big Data Era. Netka’s Event Management contains 5 features as follows:

1. Event Suppression. This feature helps sum up the repeated logs of event or problem report into a single line in the Admin View. As a result, the screen is clear and easy to notice other logs indicating more important problems such as Link Down. “In some switches or routers in the network, the event occurs every 30 seconds. This feature therefore allows executives to see all alarm, making the analyses and data uses easier.”

2. Event Correlation. This feature helps prioritize different events. User can set his rules in the GUI on certain events such as alarm interface or disruption. For example, if the setting for alarm interface is 10 but it occurs more than the setting value, the network will be identified as unstable. This allows user to fix the problem at the early stage, before it is detected and informed by customers. This feature is useful for the organizations that prioritize data security such as banks.

3. Root Cause Analysis. This feature helps analyze the risks by specifying where the causes of the event alarm are.

4. Automatic Event Clearing. Events mostly occur in the network in pair, i.e. problem and recovery. This feature helps customers to see the solved problems, reducing the administrator’s checking time.

5. Event Escalation. This feature provides efficient problem solving services. This is essential because some alarms are very important. Without being solved, the problems become more severe and may affect the network.

In addition to the tools for analyzing problems and identifying their causes, Netka’s Network Management Software also provides assistance to executives as the “network data” has been analyzed and ready to use. The huge amount of data will be summarized and presented through one-page dash board. Executives can also select certain categories such as branch offices or equipments for more details.

Realizing the trend of mobility technology, Netka has also developed the IOS application so as to allow executives to closely monitor the network movement through iPhone or iPad from anywhere. It helps inspect every problem that may disrupt the network. This application can be downloaded from App Store.

Netka’s CTO emphasized that the keys to Big Data’s success include good infrastructure, strong security, and data. Network system is a part of the infrastructure, so it must be well administrated to strengthen the network and support data transfer, maximizing operation’s and business’ advantages.

“This is why we are committed to developing an intelligent “Network Management Software,” which can respond to the customer’s needs. Because the needs of the market are the key for software development, our company has developed the product based on the customer-oriented concept. Therefore, customer’s advantages can be maximized by Netka’s Network Management System.


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