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Manage your valuable network inventory efficiently and cost effectively

network inventory management software

NNM Inventory Management helps you discover your network inventory automatically, making network planning more effective and accurate.

An integral part of maintaining large and complex networks is monitoring the set-up to ensure all devices are running properly. When a problem is detected, the task then becomes to fix, replace, rotate or remove the affected device. This can become a daunting operation. Managing network inventory, especially for large systems, can result in high operational costs, as well as significant labor efforts. Added to this is the hidden costs of repairing errors that are caused when network assets are not identified and tracked effectively.

NNM offers a better way to manage your valuable network inventory efficiently and affordably. With NNM, you can use the network discovery tool to find your network inventory automatically, identify and gather details of physical IP network devices such as switches, routers, servers, PCs, IP printers, IP cameras and other IP-enabled devices. This can also identify and track software inventory and change history information. The NNM Dashboard also helps you to identify and track your network inventory by displaying an executive overview of asset details.

Netka’s mobile app also gives administrators the power to monitor networks and locate problems anytime, anywhere. Gone are the days when monitoring a network requires administrators to be on-site. Now, with Netka’s new mobile apps, the ability to oversee a network is simply at your fingertips.

Furthermore, NNM can help with network planning tasks. The system allows you to automatically compare and reconcile your currently installed devices with the specifications and set-up details of future network plans. This is also applicable for reconciling circuit planning for your customers’ services by diagram displayed. These features are suitable for Service Provider and all enterprises that require efficient network planning capabilities.

Using NNM Inventory Management, you can:

  • Manage and analyze your network inventory by automatically defining physical IP network devices, software inventory and tracked changed history. This helps to keep updated about inventory currently in use, as well as devices that are in stock and not actively in use. NNM can also provide many types of log change reports.
  • Make network planning more effective and accurate via reconciled network inventory and circuit planning.
  • Utilize detailed information about the full IP network system, which helps you to solve network inventory problems quickly and leads to lower costs.

Integration with NetkaQuartz Service Desk

Reduce efforts and lower errors via integration between NNM Inventory management and NetkaQuartz Service Desk. Through this integration, NSD is able to find network inventory via data received from NNM’s automatic discovery functionality. In addition, NNM can also send notifications to Service Desk Agents when problems occur with network devices. The agent automatically receives information from the system about the devices, including the brand, model, part number, serial number and location. This assists the agent in fixing the problem easily by providing a way to check the product warranty and determine who is responsible for the devices in order to assign technical support quickly. Using this solution, you are able to provide better service and gain a competitive advantage over the competition, all while increasing customer satisfaction.

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