Monitor and manage a large network system with the convenience of a single executive view


The NNM Dashboard Map provides you with a view of the status of an entire network system, featuring detailed maps and information about the network equipment.

The NNM Dashboard Map module helps you monitor and manage a large network system with the convenience of a single executive view. The dashboard provides updated information in near real time, and the data is displayed conveniently according to continents, regions, countries, provinces and districts. With this feature, you will be able to quickly discover and take action on crucial information and events that occur throughout the entire network system.

The NNM Dashboard features detailed maps from global to continental, and down to the country, provincial and district level. Within these maps, the status of network system components are displayed according to a designated color for severity level: green for normal, yellow for a possible issue, orange for a more serious situation and red for a critical problem. In addition, the NNM Dashboard Map provides information about the network equipment, and can display the status according to a defined interval.

The module shows the status of network equipment based on following categories:

  • Hierarchy level
  • Location or Geography
  • Type of network, such as IP, MPLS, Metro, LAN or VPN
  • The module also displays the status of network equipment:

    • The TopN report, which shows the utilization rate of CPU/Memory, statistics about RTT Input/Output, packets lost, traffic utilization, errors and discard rate, from maximum level to minimum level.
    • Inventory information, which indicates the location of each piece of equipment, the total amount of equipment, the net amount of existing equipment, and equipment details such as the brand and the model.
    • Statistics information about the utilization status of CPU, Memory and other equipment, shown in terms of Min/Avg/Max. The status of CPU/Memory is shown by color to indicate performance levels.
    • The near real-time information available from the NNM – Dashboard Map Module will help you gain valuable insight into your network system, no matter how complex. With this insight you can analyze your network infrastructure, network behavior and user utilization, helping you make key decisions regarding equipment investments or upgrades.

      The NNM Dashboard Map Module’s design, which consolidates details of network equipment from an entire network into one screen, will greatly aid your organization’s IT administration by saving them from the difficulty of monitoring the network status using multiple screens. Also, having just one executive view helps you more easily find the causes of network problems before they occur, which means network issues can be fixed before users are affected. The Dashboard view thereby improves customer satisfaction by helping you to more effectively manage and increase the performance of the network system.

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