Big Data 2013

Seminar on the Big Data, Big impact and Big Challenge was held on 5th of September at Swiss Le Concorde hotel. Netka Syetem was involved alone with the Enterprise magazine on the topic, “The Way to Success in Network Management by Mr. Charnchai Jiamchoatpattpattanakul, the CTO of Netka System.

The event talks about the “Data” which is the key for business success because they help increase profit through efficient decision-making and facilitate services to customers. Stepping forwards the Big Data Era in which a huge amount of data flows into the network, companies are forced to improve the efficiency of its network management system.

Netka’s CTO highlights that the key to Big Data’s success include good infrastructure, strong security, and data. Network system is a part of the infrastructure, so it must be well administrated to strengthen the network and support data transfer, maximizing operations and business advantages.

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