Bandwidth on Demand

Self-service bandwidth management to lower labor efforts and satisfy customers

Bandwidth on demand

The NNM Bandwidth on Demand module allows subscribers to easily access a self-service portal, check bandwidth usage and request service upgrades or downgrades.

Today, the most popular and convenient way for businesses and households to connect to the internet is using broadband service. This is supplied by Internet Service Providers, and they can achieve a high revenue stream by attracting a large group of subscribers. The broadband infrastructure connectivity is achieved via a dial-up line through a telephone wire, and then connecting to DSL and DSLAM networks. However, the nature of the service can be complicated because ISPs must provide bandwidth concurrently to high number of subscribers who all have different usage requirements.

The NNM Bandwidth on Demand module is a self-service portal that can be of benefit to both subscribers and Service Providers. By using NNM Bandwidth on Demand, subscribers can easily request and receive the services they require. The subscribers are able to log-in to the self-service portal to manage their broadband package. They can edit their profile, request temporary or permanent changes to their bandwidth levels, set alarms and alerts for when consumption thresholds are reached, and read over knowledge base articles if they are experiencing problems with their service. Using this module helps to greatly reduce the need for subscribers to contact service centers for assistance, which means less time waiting for help from service personnel.

For ISPs, NNM Bandwidth on Demand can help them in the areas of provisioning and troubleshooting. Administrators are automatically notified when subscribers change their requirements, including increasing or decreasing bandwidth temporarily or permanently. The system will also circuit provisioning automatically to DSLAM, BRAS and others, according to the changes, which will reduce administration tasks and improve service levels. Also, NNM sends details of the changed requirements to the billing system to maintain the subscribers’ usage record. In the case of prepaid services, NNM will link the new requirements to the payment gateway for approval, and then automatically circuit and send to the billing system. NNM can also help network administrators troubleshoot problems quickly by checking notifications from subscribers who have used the NNM troubleshooting tool.

Using NNM Bandwidth on Demand, subscribers will appreciate having the power to set their bandwidth levels and only pay for the amount that they need, as well as the convenience of to having to call busy help desks and spend too much time placed on hold. Also, ISPs are happy to be able to save time and effort by maintaining service requirements dynamically rather than manually, as well as provide accurate billing and increase customer satisfaction levels.

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