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Application performance monitoring software to analyze and wipe out network problems

Network Performance Management Software

Improve your network and application performance management with real-time performance monitoring from the Application and Network Analysis module.

The Application Network Analysis (ANA) module is an add-on tool for analyzing network delays. When a delay or latency issue occurs within a network, the ANA tool will detect it instantly and identify whether the problem is caused by the network, another system or the application itself, and will also indicate the IP addresses and users affected. This information is then used by network managers and engineers for network performance analysis and fixing latency problems quickly to keep networks running smoothly.

Network problems pinpointed by the ANA tool are displayed via a color-coded system according to severity level. Network administrators and company management can therefore recognize the importance of an issue more quickly and analyze the problems in real-time. Data about network latency problems are also recorded and stored for future reference, which helps administrators to investigate reports of delays that occurred at a previous time and implement preventative measures to ensure the issues do not resurface.

The module helps administrators to analyze the causes of network latency, which is a common problem and can have a direct impact on service levels and operational costs. The ANA module helps to minimize the impact by pinpointing the location of the problems, be it from an application, server or any part of the network. The module can also analyze speed issues that have occurred in the past.

The tool is the result of intense research and development, and is built upon the Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) solution. The Cisco AVC can recognize more than 1,000 applications, which in turn can be analyzed by the NNM system to detect problems such as TopN events. With this technology, administrators managing enterprise networks can act proactively, rather than simply waiting for users to raise the issue.The AVC solution was launched by Cisco in the first quarter of 2013, and Netka was able to develop the ANA module by the second quarter of the same year. Currently, Netka is one of only four developers that have created software compatible with Cisco’s AVC technology.

ANA Module Features and Benefits

Accumulates and processes network statistics to analyze network delays
Isolates the source of the delay, to help determine whether it was due to a single point or multiple points concurrently

  • Client-to-network
  • Server-to-network
  • Applications in the servers

Summarizes the delays and compares them to a pre-determined baseline using a color-coded system:

  • Delays from client to network
  • Delays from server to network
  • Delays from applications in the servers
  • Delays from client to server in the network (end-to-end delay)
  • Total network delay

The analytics are used to investigate and solve problems at the root cause

  • Improves the WAN link bandwidth
  • Improves QoS
  • Improves server performance
  • Improves application performance

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