Good Corporate Governance Policy

“Netka is committed to doing business under the principles of good corporate governance. It has excellent management, transparency and accountability to create long-term sustainable business values. and create the maximum benefit for the shareholders and stakeholders of the Company.”

Netka System Company Limited (“the Company”) has realized and recognized the importance of good corporate governance. To create value for sustainable business in the long run taking into account the ability to adapt under changing business conditions competitiveness and having a good long-term performance of the company as well as conducting business with ethics, respect for rights, being responsible Building a good relationship with the shareholders and stakeholders of the company to create value for society both in terms of improving the society and reducing the negative impact on the environment Therefore, the Company has set up a written good corporate governance policy in 2021 as a practice for the Board of Directors. There are 8 principles of practice for the Board of Directors as follows:

Principle 1 Recognize the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors as corporate leaders that create sustainable values for the business.

Principle 2 Determine the objectives and main goals of the business for sustainability.

Principle 3 Strengthen Effective Board of Directors

Code of Practice 4 Recruiting and developing top executives and personnel management

Principle 5 Promote Innovation and Responsible Business Operations

Principle 6  Ensure that there is an appropriate risk management and internal control system.

Principle 7 Maintain Financial Credibility and Disclosure

Code of Conduct 8 Encourage participation and communication with shareholders.

The Board of Directors reviewed and approved the announcement of this corporate governance policy on December 18, 2021.

Good Corporate Governance Policy


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